Cora J Ramos, author

. . . writing through time. . . 

I’ve been a writer for over twenty years. I’ve loved my writing journey that began while teaching elementary school, and continued into retirement; short stories for contests, anthologies and e-zines, and novels. Several of my award winning short stories of mystery and suspense are in the anthology, Valley Fever Where Murder is Contagious.

My first novel, Dance the Dream Awake emerged from personal experiences that occurred while traveling in Mexico from Teotihuacan to Oaxaca and on to the Yucatan. By the time I reached the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza and Coba, the seeds of a story had taken root. But I didn’t begin writing it until months later. The story is a romantic suspense that will hook you from page one and keep you reading until the conclusion.

While writing the follow-up story (Dance the Edge) featuring one of my popular male characters from book I, I was forced to stop and take a detour to write Haiku Dance. This treasured historical romance set in Heian Japan, circa 980 A.D., is a sensual romance between a courtier and a samurai. It was originally to be the past life romance of my two main characters from book I, but was too strong and demanded a full novel of its own. It is slated for publication by Black Opal Books in early spring of 2016.

I’m currently working on Dance the Edge, once again.

I explore past lives and how they effect the present. A smattering of magic, a fair amount of romance and lots of suspense are bound to be part of my novels because they add the spice that keeps one reading, and they’re just fun.